Distribution Network

Managment in Latin America

Established in 2008

Founding partners have 20 years of experience as distributors of laboratory consumibles and instruments in Mexico and 10 years as regional representatives in the Latin American market.

Over 300 distribution partners throughout the region!

We cover custumers in: Universities, Hospitals, Government Agencies, Environmental and Industrial Quality Control, Agricuture, Oil & Gas, Biotechnology, Waste Water Treatment, Renawable Energy, Waste Management and many more.

Expand your target audiences all across the hispanic world!

How much business are losing because of distance, time-zone and cultural differences?

Gain a local partner in a booming region to promote your business where needed.

AG Respresentaciones have constant, face to face contact with distributors and end-users. Culture and language are not a barrier for us.

When your stall do come and visit, AG Representation’s previous work will boost their productivity!

Latin America: Land of opportunity

Covers an area roughly 2 times the size of Europe

Brazil is 16 times the size of France

How many times a year does your staff visit Latin America?

A flight from Mexico City to Santiago takes about 8 hours. The same as a Berlin – Beijing!
Aflight Berlib to Santiago takes twice as long!

There are over 20 different currencies and widely diverse customs rgulations in Latin America

3.08 Brazilian Real
18.14 Mexican Peso
11.11 Arentine Peso
2700 Colombian Peso
761 Chilean Peso
3.86 Peruvian Sol
10.8 Guatemalan Quetzal

Do not waste valuable resources dealing with these complexies!

Let AG Representaciones be your guide in developing this vast regional market

Latin America is a
599 million people market

201 Million in Brazil
118 Million in Mexico
47 Million in Colombia
41 Million in Argentina
83 Million in Germany

With fast population growth planned to 2017

Latin America 2.4%
Colombia 8%
Peru 3%
Brazil 1%

¡Se habla Español!

60% of Latin Americans speak Spanish
which makes it the world’s 2nd most widely spoken language.

Latin America grows its GDP 6% on average every year
In 2013

Peru grew 5%
Colombia grew 4%
Brazil grew 2%
Mexico grew 1.7%
Germany grew 1.3%

This growth has helped millions of people out of poverty and is expected increase even more in the coming years.

Latin America produces much of the world’s:

Beef, Wheat, Maize, Sorghum, Soy, Sugar, Coffe, Texiles, Automobiles, Airplanes, Medicines, Oil, Copper, Silver

AG Representaciones manages a network of over 300 distribution partners throughout Latin america covering the following markets:

-Quality control
-Research and develpment
–Academic research
-Government regulation
-Oil & Gas
-Renewable Energy
Water treatment
-Municipal waste management

Do not waste valuable resources dealing with these complexies!

Let AG Representaciones be your guide in developing this vast regional market

The business of AG Representaciones is to expand tour business in Latin America!
Wa handle regional request, both commercial and technical, filtering them as per your organization’s procedures.

We promote your brand and technology through sales calls and visits to local distribution partners and end users.
We attend trade shows and organize regional seminars
Let’s set a growth target together!

Emerging Opportunities

Most countries in the region produce under 10% of their energy from renewable sources.
Bio-energy through sustainable agriculture and waste management in now a regional pariority with major private, national and internationally fundaded projects.
Seize this huge opportunity for technology transfer!
AG Representaciones can help you penetrate compositing and Waste-to-energy projects in agricultural, industrial, and urban contexts.

Our regional sources are under major stress with an average 7% annual withdrawal of internal freshwater resources.
Four of the regional economies incested over US$500 Billion in treatment and sanitation in 2011 alone!
AG Representaciones can help your organization gain a significant share of market through: surface water, ground water, municilap water and waste water management and treatment projects.

Serving the scientific community with lab equipment and supplies since 1894. Daigger has thrived on proving personalized service and high quality laboratory products to the scientific community over three generations. Its goal is to continually improve service, advancing Service down to a Sience. Daigger’s experience will help support your laboratory’s success.

Heathrow Scientific is a leading manugfacturer on innovative lab supplies and instruments, renowed for producing colorful, innovate and functionally designed products Over the years, Heathrow Scientific has broadened their product line by offering weill-design

Translation Partners

For ninety five years Bellingham + Stanley has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Refractometers and Polarimenters. Instrumentation is supplied to over 80 countries around the World. B+S’s expertise in optical engineering, electronics and software design has enabled the creation of instruments that are used estensivety throughout the food, drinks, pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum industries.

Diversified Biotech is a manufacturing company servind life science research whose mission in to design, manufacture and market unique products which help the laboratory technician and researcher streamline everyday tasks. DivBio specialize in cryogenic labels (Cryo-Tags) and freecer labels (Tough-Tags) used in long term storage applications for vials microtubes and freezer boxes.

By developing the glass electrode 75 years ago, SCHOTT laid the foundation for success of electrochemical measurement. With high-performance pH glasses, innovative electrodes and electrochemical measuring instruments such as pH meters, conductometers, oxygen measuring instruments, piston burettes and tirators, SI Analytics have since made sure that electrochemical measurement today is an indispensable, trouble-free and reliable procedure all over the world.

Through ongoing developments and improvements of a proven sensor and analysis technology, WTW want to make an important contribution to safeguarding water quality for future generations – a claim that inspires and fills the company with joy and pride. The product range from WTW offers the world’s most complete line of: pH/ORP,D.O., BOD, Respirometry, Conductivity Instruments, Turbidity Meters, and Photometers including reagents.

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